Burden of Diabetes in Australia: It's Time for More Action Report

Working with Sydney University and Western Sydney University, Novo Nordisk has launched the Burden of Diabetes in Australia: It's Time for More Action report revealing that diabetes care is falling short for many Australians. 

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Burden of Diabetes in Australia Report

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Modern Slavery Statement

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Our updates during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic our key priority is to safeguard the continued supply of our medicines to people living with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. Currently, we are not expriencing any supply constraints.

We strongly encourage people to purchase their medicine as normal. We are well prepared for situations like this and we have a storage policy that ensures long-term supply.  In Australia and New Zealand we are in close contact with our wholesalers, distributors and pharmacies to monitor the availability of our medicine.

Everyday, new questions and concerns are being raised and we want to keep you informed with updates on the supply of our medicine. If you have questions or concerns our NovoCare Customer Care Centre is available everyday on 1800 668 626 (freecall) or 0800 733 737 (New Zealand), by email at: aunrccc@novonordisk.com

As we continue to monitor the situation, we will share our updates here.

Last updated 16 April 2020

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