If you or the person you are reporting on behalf of are experiencing side effects whilst taking a Novo Nordisk product, you should contact your doctor or other medical health professional for advice. Novo Nordisk cannot provide individual medical advice.

Information about side effects and product complaints help us to monitor the safety  of our products. To report side effects and product complaints with a Novo Nordisk product:

Website: Report a side effect

Email: aunrccc@novonordisk.com

Phone: 1800 668 626 (within Australia) or +612 8858 3600 (outside Australia)

Novo Nordisk collects safety information including side effects and product complaints to comply with local and international law.  Your personal data will be retained by Novo Nordisk as required by law and will be treated confidentially.

Our Privacy Policy details how we process personal information and data.  A link to our Privacy Policy can be found HERE.

Alternately, you can contact our Data Privacy Officer at privacyofficeroceania@novonordisk.com