Report directly to Novo Nordisk:

1800 668 626 (within Australia)
+612 8858 3600 (outside Australia) 
0800 733 737 (within New Zealand)

When reporting side effects please provide the following information if possible:

Product details

  • Name of product?
  • What was the product taken for?
  • How do you take the product (dose, how often)?
  • What is the product batch number?
  • If it concerns a product fault: Which product part and product function is affected?  How did the fault occur?  Is a sample available?

Side effect details

  • Description of the suspected side effect including whether you have recovered from the event
  • When did the side effect occur?
  • Are you experiencing other medical conditions?

Patient details

  • Gender
  • Age, date of birth or age group (e.g. child, adolescent, adult, elderly)
  • Country of residence

Reporter details

  • Name
  • Contact details

Please note that Novo Nordisk registers information about the reported product complaints and side effects for the sake of patient safety and to comply with current legislation.  Your personal data will be entered and kept permanently in the Novo Nordisk global safety database and will be treated confidentially.  We are obliged to report information on product complaints and side effects to Health Authorities in accordance with current legislation.

For full informtion on how we process personal data in Novo Nordisk, you can either go to our company website at or contact the Novo Nordisk Data Privacy Officer at

Read more about how we process your data in the Notice of Personal Data Processing Related to Safety Information.